Mixed Remixed Festival

I am always so thankful and thrilled when I find communities where I belong, where they are like me. It’s so nice to feel like you belong. One such community, for me, is The Mixed Remixed Festival. I haven’t even been yet, but already I feel welcomed. What a great and dynamic group of people! I signed up to volunteer this year and I can’t wait. If this is something that might interest you, mark your calendars — June 13, 2015 at the Japanese American National Museum in downtown Los Angeles. If you are an artist, they are still accepting submissions — from Writers, Filmmakers, Performers, Speakers & Artists. But don’t wait too long — the deadline for submissions is January 15.

Visit the website and you will read that the Mixed Remixed Festival is the nation’s premiere cultural arts festival celebrating stories of the Mixed experience, multiracial and multicultural families and individuals through films, books and performance.

The Mixed Remixed Festival brings together film and book lovers, innovative and emerging artists, and multiracial families and individuals, Hapas, and families of transracial adoption for workshops, readings, film screenings and live performance including music, comedy and spoken word.

This will be my first year attending, so I can’t tell you firsthand what it’s going to be like, but if I know the organizers, I can bet it’s going to be amazing. Hope to see you there!

To learn more about The Mixed Remixed Festival and all it has to offer, visit the website here.

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