Just for Fun

Sometimes, life goes too fast and I feel like I can’t keep up. I have to stop and sit down. But my brain, well, my brain keeps running, down to the end of the block with a series of left turns, right every once in a while for balance. “Wait!” I say as I reach after it, but my brain doesn’t listen. It just runs. Sometimes, my time becomes not my own. Sometimes my brain, my ability to think and focus, feels like it’s in a blitzkrieg, me on the unfortunate end, and I look up to see where these rapidfire strikes are coming from: no matter how much I want to work on my own projects, I can’t because that pesky thing called Life has morphed into a towering monster with four maybe five sets of teeth all clacking at me hungrily, each with its demands on my time. I sip on my Diet Coke in a staredown with the monster, gnash my teeth in a threatening way to let it know I mean business. It grins and salivates, its tight little cheeks moving in a motion that says we both know who will win this duel. The monster is hungry, its stomach a big bowl of demands. “Don’t be so sure,” I say and then hold up my ceremonial sippy straw, which, to the monster, looks like a dangerous saber. But I know it’s really a secret cipher, something that I cannot sip through with my cancerstricken face, yet signifies my ability to control the situation while looking quite ladylike as I lift my bottled water to my mouth. So, here I am. I shift my eyes away and look longingly at my kitchen counter. That bottle of Lillet Blanc is looking cloyingly delicious. (Thanks, Heidi, because I never even heard of Lillet until my time on that magical mountain. Nunboxers, take me away!)

Where is the Jabberwock?

by Michele Beller 

For a night so fine
We’ll likely need some wine
As we nibble on our frimfram
We can sip from our tin cans.

But where, oh where, is the Jabberwock,
Said he? Why, of course my dear, by the Tumtum tree!
Blithely chortled she;
Can’t you see?

If you simply look by the frilly toves
Somewhere, somewhere, tucked away
Is a thund’rous celebration
Where the manzanita sway.

But most importantly
As anyone can see
Is a summit of the minds
Of the most sublime.

And that shall be a frabjous day!
The day we’ll sing, Callooh! Callay!

P.S. And all this time you’ve been wondering why the “random aunt” in my Blog’s url.

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