Buckingham Houses: Chellow

A visit to Chellow just went onto my TO DO List.

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Chellow. Photo Courtesy Virginia Department of Historic Resources

In 1936, Rosa G. Williams surveyed Chellow for the Virginia Historical Inventory.  At the time, the house stood empty.  The caretaker was a son of a former slave owned by the Hubbard family. Mrs. Williams wrote:

Chellow Plantation is part of a grant of 6,740 acres, originally in Albemarle County, now Buckingham County, Virginia. Patented to Colonel John Bolling, July 20, 1748. Chellow was named for an old English Estate of the Bollings.

The home is a very imposing example of colonial architecture, consisting of ten rooms. You must enter the front by way of a “T” shape hall, to the right as you enter is a large bed room, to the left is a large library or living room, to the center of this hallway is a door leading to a lovely dining room, with French windows, lovely old doors with…

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3 thoughts on “Buckingham Houses: Chellow

    • Yes, I think it is! Let me know what you think!
      I’m ever grateful to Joanne Yeck for her amazing knowledge of Buckingham Co. history!

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