Other Writing

Bloom  “Lucky,” essay, published in Bloom (February 20,  2015)

Intraracial colorism project-dr culbrethDYNAMICS OF COLORISM TALK RADIO (January 22, 2015)

Listen in on a lively and uplifting discussion on the friendships girls and women of color make amongst and between themselves — especially focusing on friendships between light-skinned and dark-skinned girls/women. I am honored to have participated in this discussion. The show, hosted by Dr. Donnamaria Culbreth and Dr. Julie Jung-Kim, is archived here: Dynamics of Colorism Talk Radio. We debunk the negative stereotypes perpetuated by the media: the idea that girls & women of color continue to fight, dislike, and treat each other disparately because of skin color (i.e., light girls don’t get along with dark girls and vice versa). 

nine-lives-cover Written by Wayne Pharr with Karin L. Stanford and edited by yours truly, published by Chicago Review Press (Jul 2014). Read the first pages on Amazon.

nine-lives-lesson-plans-cover-page  For anyone wanting to use this book in a book-club reading or in a classroom, we also wrote a Lesson Plan. Click here  Nine Lives Lesson Plans to download 

poeticdiversity     “Marley,” flash fiction, published in poeticdiversity (August 2009)

(Header on this page:)

Sebastian Münster’s map of the New World, first published in 1540

Full map (note the prominent and center position of the Caribbean island of Dominica, birthplace of my maternal grandfather and subject of my forthcoming book series 2, which I am now researching for).



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