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Me and Lindie

Me and Lindie

Mom and Dad wedding  Mom & Dad, wedding day

Chicen pox Chicken Pox!

me-enlarged pic  Little Me

Mom, Grandma, Me, Dave

Mom, Grandma, Me, Little Brother

Mom-Aunt Katie-2

Little Brother, Mom, Me, Aunt Katy

With dad--With mom

With Dad; With Mom

With dad--With mom--All grown up

Dad-Mom Redux: All grown up

Family! Family Reunion time in Virginia — cousins!

Me, Mom, Margaret Ann-family reunion  More Family Reunion– My Mom, a cousin, Me

Mom-Davies-Haskins Family reunion 199- More Reunion — Mom and her brother

Maryann and Katy-cropped Two of my grandmother’s sisters

Haskins sisters-cropped

The Haskins sisters–my Grandma, the oldest, in the middle, ca. 1916

Uncle Wardie Uncle Wardie–Grandma’s youngest brother

The Homestead - June

“The Homestead”–built in 1850 for my great-great grandmother and still standing

The Homestead - snow

“The Homestead”: Snowed in

Young Grandma in Harlem

Grandma in Harlem, not sure of the date

Young Wardie

Young Cornelius Warden Haskins (Wardie), my grandma’s youngest sibling



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